Our Mission and Philosophy

In the busy schedules of Harvard students, it is difficult to find a time and place for musical development at an institution so strongly committed to academia. The River Charles Ensemble believes that the highest level of musical and personal development in the academic musician demands selflessness, generosity, and sincerity. Interdependency within the ensemble is a fundamental feature that requires every member to be active leaders in the music-making process. Expectations for the highest quality of performance is driven by a demand for intense creativity and a strong commitment to high standards as well as innovative performance traditions.

But that is not all. The musical world is rapidly changing and adapting to the cultural dynamics of modern times. Engagement requires focus, concentration, and commitment, but none is as important as the edifying experiences and pleasures of playing in rehearsal sessions and world-renowned concert halls. The River Charles Ensemble is committed to fostering an environment that enriches high-quality musical expression in the lives of Harvard-affiliated students, allowing them to make a strong musical impact on audiences around the world.

Musicians are not the only people who deserve this high level of arts engagement. Audiences, too, ought to experience the highest quality displays of the musical culture that has developed over the course of the past several centuries. Through its musical programs, RCE endeavors to share the thrill of discovery and reflection with its audiences. Transforming the concert experience to one that is not only innovative but also accessible is equally important to the musicians of the River Charles Ensemble.